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Skin Care - Oculaire

The Oculaire Difference

Oculaire is committed to providing products that enhance the comfort and health of the eyes while improving the skin. Each product is developed with the highest quality homeopathic ingredients to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

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Products Meant to Improve

The variety of products available by Oculaire provide solutions for all skin complexions and eye types. The moisturizers keep skin vibrant by firming and securing hydration, the cleansers assist with exfoliation and clarification, the complexion correctors work to repair uneven imperfections, and the beauty enhancer is a lash serum that helps lashes to grow naturally to create an elevated look.

Élixir ÉlixirLash-enhancing Eye Serum
Lux LuxAge-defying Eye Cream
Soleil SoleilAge-defying Day Cream
Lune LuneAge-defying Night Cream
Radience RadienceComplexion-correcting Toner
Mousse d'or Mousse d'orFoaming Face & Lid Wash

Comprehensive Patient Care

Here at SkEye Med Spa in Chicago, IL, we understand how important it is to have doctors that understand your specific needs so that they can offer products that truly make a difference. Our extensive experience with vision and aesthetics helps us to recommend products that improve your health while enhancing your beauty.